Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Unofficial Official Mixed Sprint Relay—Monday, August 25

Only one thing really needs to be said about Monday's race: it was a great way to get the crazies, jitters, mistakes, errors, and assorted other first day glitches out, when it didn't really count. :)

The Mixed Sprint Relay was described, by the officials, as "a party, a get-together, a fun way to start off the races." We raced as teams of two: one male and one female. The woman had maps one and three; the male maps 2 and 4. It was a LeMans start, with racers standing about 10 feet from the bikes. At "Go" we turned over our maps as we started running for our bikes. It was chaos along the dirt entry road as everyone mounted bikes and put maps on boards, all while trying to figure out where the first control was.

Sue: it was great to be in the mix... in a train of all these elite mtbo'ers.

After completing the 12 control map (all of them REALLY close together and obviously not each one was punched each time, very confusing), the first rider came through the finish area and tagged off. Repeat 3 times.

We had some glitches, but we got them all out of the way on the unofficial day :).

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