Friday, August 14, 2015

Training Camp Musings From The Czech Hills

Life at training camp is like being at scout camp. Despite its discomforts, its the best of times. Each day we are responsible for little more than training, eating and sleeping -- it is an ideal life. 

The ten of us (yes, ten this year!) are piled into a strange lakeside resort area that has communal showers, rooms so uncomfortably hot they cannot be entered from noon to 7PM, countless cigarette smokers, bees and a stray cat. But we are all in it together, getting to know each other through training, teaching and learning from each other.

Traveling is something we all enjoy, but being here to train and race at the World Champs gives our visit here a purpose outside of being a tourist. It allows time to slow down a bit, as we don't feel compelled to use too much of our energy outside of training. 

We live in small cottages.  They melt our chocolate when we leave

But Justin brought us fans to help us get better sleep

They are on the shore of a lake with a brilliant wake board cable system.  Here is a picture of Sue (or perhaps Abra, I don't recall) getting some air.

Nate is also good.  Unfortunately for him today the cat came out of the bag: he has a cycling tan tattoo, the photo clearly shows.

The woods present us with many choices. If you are like us, and make the right choice 90% of the time, you are... in huge trouble. Going the wrong direction 10% of the time is a bit too much. Sound navigation is very important, especially in the sprint and middle distance events.

Our van chose a scenic place to get a flat tire!

The Czech countywide is gorgeous.  This is the view from the Jested Hotel.

The dogs of the Czech Republic are happy and photogenic.

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