Saturday, August 18, 2012


Susan Grandjean
Age: 38
Occupation: Shipping Specialist at Showers Pass
Bike: Titus Titanium HCR 26" Hardtail
Favorite map feature: The Rootstock!  Maybe because I like to say Rootstock.

(When and) How did you get into orienteering? What attracted you to it, or what did you find nteresting about it?: 
I got into orienteering first by ski-orienteering in 1989 and was a member of the CNYO club.  Then I tried foot-O second.  I found both to be mentally challenging and fun.

(When and) How did you get into mountain biking? What attracted you to it, or what did you find interesting about it?:
I did my first mountain bike race when I was in college.  I was hooked and after college continued to race and move up the rankings.  Recreationally, I have always enjoyed  the thrill of singletrack and being able to challenge myself on technical sections of the trail. My most favorite part of mountain biking is when a trail makes me feel like an ewok on a speeder bike from Return of the Jedi -

How have you specifically prepared for MTBO WOC?:
I have stepped up my core and conditioning classes during the week and also have been doing weekly MTBO training rides with local city park orienteering maps.

What bike will you be riding for MTBO WOC? Did you specially prepare it for MTBO WOC?:
I will be using my Titus hardtail but am using tire sealant for the possibility of off-trail riding that is allowed at MTBO WOC in Hungary.

What have you learned about MTBO in your preparation for MTBO WOC that you did not know before?:
I learned just how awesome it is to be a member of the first US MTBO Team!  Both, the orienteering community and the the cycling community have showed great excitement to see a team representing the US at the World Championship level.  And then there's another level of excitement from the cycling community to know it's an all women's squad!

When you saw the call for applications for the first US MTBO team, what made you apply?:
I love both sports and can only be sweeter if I can do them at the same time!  I learned about MTBO in 2008 and thought then how cool it would be compete.  Thanks to Greg Lennon and OUSA, my dreams are coming true.

What are your goals or expectations for MTBO WOC?:
With not a whole lot of MTBO experience under my belt, I plan to race a little conservative so I don't make huge mistakes.  I hope, as I get familiar with the terrain and the maps, I will take more risks and become more competitive.

Which event do you suspect you'll perform the best in?:
I really don't know what I will be best in.  But if I was to compare myself the the top competitors with more orienteering experience, I would say I would have better results in the longer distant events where rapid route choice decision making isn't as crucial.

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