Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Challenges of International Travel

We haven't competed yet, but we feel like we've been orienteering since we set foot in the airport. Orienteering is essentially problem solving in new environments, after all.

Here's how our trip started:
  • Sue and Abra's bikes don't arrive in Budapest.
  • Rebecca's flight is 2.5hrs late.
  • The owner's manual is required to figure out how to put the rental van in reverse.
  • Does a circle with a slash in it mean "do not enter"?
  • Holiday weekend in Hungary = traffic.
  • We're in Veszperem! ..where do we go now?
  • No map, no one speaks English.
  • Kind locals hop in their car and we follow them to our destination.
  • Sue and Abra's bikes arrive, hooray!
  • Rebecca's rear tire won't hold air, oh no.
  • The local bike shop doesn't have the things we need.
  • The other local bike shop doesn't have the things we need.
  • Tire is ripped off. It takes all 3 MTBO USA Team Members to get it back on.
But don't worry, we're getting the hang of it now. ;) ..I just hope I don't get a flat on race day!


1 comment:

  1. Woah! That is some serious "real world" orienteering. Crossing fingers for no more flats. Sending you all the best luck in the world. Have fun!!

    - Rosanna