Saturday, August 25, 2012

This sport is awesome!

Greetings everyone! I was going to title this post something about today's final race but decided to name it how I really feel about this sport :)
I'm sitting in the hallway of the hostel where we recently found a wifi hotspot. I'm hanging out after my race - the Long Final race. It was not my best performance but I'll take it. We were told we would receive two maps at the start today but only received one. Since I was first to start, I thought maybe I wasn't doing something right so I was frazzled. I had to refocus and get back into the "game". Not a big deal, I'm use to learning about this sport as I race. Halfway through my course, I made some errors and Steph from Great Britian caught up to me and we pretty much raced side by side. Occasionally we would choose different routes but would end up at the control around the same time. We were nearing the finish with about 3km left and my rear tire went flat, so sad. I had sealant in it so I chose to just pump up the tire and not change it. I had to do this a couple of times but made it to the finish. The finish of the long race and the finish of the World Championships ended in the town center of Veszprem with locals cheering as we rode through the streets. It was an awesome way to finish!
My bike is packed and I'm waiting for Rebecca and Abra to finish their races. We're going to pack as much as we can this afternoon so we can relax and have a fun time at the banquet tonight.  The Austrians said they have special costumes, this should be an interesting evening :)
Thanks everyone who supported us to Hungary, this has been AWESOME!!!

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  1. Glad Team USA is having a great experience!!

    Abra's Aunt Elsie