Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rest Day Sprint

After a couple training days, a model event, the Long Qualifier, the Middle and the Sprint- today was a welcome rest day for the Elites! The Masters, however, were not resting but pedaling hard on a predominantly urban sprint course.

Needing to spin our legs and being immensely curious about the urban style of sprint mtb-o, we drove to the Masters course and nabbed some Women's 40+ maps once the course had opened.

Wow- what a cool place for a mtb-o sprint! Before we even reached the start, we were slipping and spinning up loose red gravel alleyways that climbed out of town and into the trees. We were in the hustle and bustle of a lakefront town just minutes ago and now on a secluded backroad.

Once we started, we decided to take turns navigating to each control which eventually evolved into us all going separate ways to meet at the next control and discover which route was indeed faster! It was a rest day, so we also took the time to take in a few hilltop views of the lake. Sue had the brilliant idea to do the 'superman' on her bike in front of such a vista while Abra took a photo. We also happened to be near a control which two young volunteers were "manning" while laying on towels in their bikinis. Maybe one of the easier volunteer positions.. The girls giggled and thought Sue was funny. They asked her to do it again so they could take their own picture!

We finished the day with a local microwaved hamburger and a dip in the giant thigh-deep lake. We're feeling refreshed and ready for the relay tomorrow!


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